Beata Tkaczyk

Beata says about Fundacja, that thanks to it, she found a courage to dream. Thanks to this courage, she has managed to, after years of spiritual formation in Fundacja’s association, despite all difficulties, together with friends, she realized her dreamt project. This is how the very first kindergarten point “LOLEK”, which is staffed by Association of Alumni of Dzieło in the spirit of teaching of John Paul II, has been created.

In 2007, just before school – leaving examination, I have taken part in an academic contest in the name of bishop Jan Chrapek organized by Fundacja. I became a laureate, what meant I have joined a group of pupils of Fundacja “Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia”. Thanks to winning the contest, I have started a full-time studies at the University of Warsaw, course social politics and I was given a scholarship, which helped me to maintain my student life.
Thanks to Fundacja I have gained first of all friends – true, selfless, and with the same values and the same interests. I have met many good, and honest people. Thanks to Fundacja I grew up spiritually, I believed in my strength and I taught myself to dream.
Without any doubt the most beautiful memories were summer camps organized by Dzieło, where I have been working as a volunteer in the office of the camp. This common experience of working, praying is something unforgettable. Similarly, like evening talks by the bonfire about things more and a little bit less important.
During my studies I have been twice a coordinator for a public fund raising that accompanies celebrating of Papal Day in Warsaw. During summertime I have been working in the office of the summer camp – I have been coordinating a secretary and I have been supporting Press Office. During the academic year I have been supporting Foundation’s office actions, I have engaged in many different social actions made by various organizations – Szlachetna Paczka organized by Stowarzyszenie Wiosna or Fundacja Świętego Mikołaja, which helped family children’s homes. Now, for more than a year I am a vice-president of Association of Alumni of Dzieło and a head office of first kindergarten “Lolek” established by alumni at Warsaw, Mokotów.