It has been known for years that helping others enriches human. Would not it be lovely to begin a united way with freshly wedded spouse from doing something for others ? Instead of casual flowers, ask your wedding guests to support scholarship program for talented, coming from poor families students, which is a basic project created by Fundacja “Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia”.

How to do that ? It is easy. The only thing you would have to do is to get in touch with us. You will be given a specially secured fund boxes, into which you can raise the money after your wedding ceremony.

The other way can be a kindly written request, so the wedding guests instead of bringing flowers, will print out a confirmation that they have donated a Fundacja’s bank account. To make it easier for guests, you may attach extra note with Fundacja’s bank details.

To particularly esteemed guests, to whom we will personally give invitations, it is worthy to go with well-planned arguments. Sincerely tell, that you have decided to take this way of memorize this extremely important day in your life, so you could say later that your united life path has started from doing something good to others.

The money you will manage to raise are fully designed for scholarships for students, who without this support would have difficulties with reaching their aspirations in education. You can be sure, that we will not waste it! All of the money goes to students, who change it for studying aids, with which they will be able to widen their possibilities.

Would you like to help ? Contact with: katarzyna.obrebska@dzielo.pl.