It has been written much about a life, pontificate and teaching of John Paul II. As “alive monument” of Polish Pope, people at the very beginning of the adulthood, in love however still crawling on all four in the subject of papal teaching, we only dare to say, who is John Paul II to us and how much we owe him. He has very big impact on the life of each of us, despite that most of the scholars has never had a chance to meet him in person. We wish, that here, on the Earth, we can call to incarnate into life his values espoused by Him and believe that He intercedes for us in heaven.

John Paul II was for me a monument. I looked at him as you look at every other monuments, those more or less solemn. You pass by and you know, that it was somebody important, otherwise they would not place him on a pedestal in the center of the city. My emotions towards him contained in unwittingly spoken, paraphrased Gombrowicz, “John Paul II Great Pole was”. This is me, generation of JP2. Suddenly, by an accident, through competition in the name bishop Jan Chrapka I got into Fundacja “Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia”. They have given me a place at the Unversity, scholarship and friendships, which I suppose will last till the end of my life. It was improper to limit my knowledge to “monumental” about John Paul II. Knowing his thoughts, works, teaching had to give a way the impression, that exerted on me by other exhibitioners. Indeed, at first I thought that I have come to a sect - embracing for the welcome, joint meetings and prayers. After some time, however, it is thanks to these people I saw the essence of the message of John Paul II to young people, I saw how it is to live by faith every day. And for this opportunity to meet his "living memorial" I will be thankful until the end of my life.
Tomasz Reczko, graduate
John Paul II is like my Guide Angel. I meet Him at different turns and I ask him, when I am about to make important decision. If not thinking about him for a longer while, he comes up at most unexpected moments. He gives me great advice, makes me to develop my intellect, he demands – even after death. He listens, when I am talking. The day I have heard about his death was very emotional for me, as we were not meant to meet together. He has showed me how to bear the suffer with dignity and accept the will of a God. And… he liked sweets as well!
Magdalena Jagodzińska, student
For me John Paul II is great wzór, whom I am trying to follow. His life teaches me humility toward a God. All his teaching despite the years are still actual. Our beloved Pope has shown us, that to change the world, you have to start from yourself. All life of Karol Wojtyła shows us how to fulfil words “Totus Tuus Maria”, and how to be a true Christian. He was the one who revealed the mystery of God’s Mercy by forgiving his attacker, who has almost killed him. Holy Father was uniting Christians all around the world, by blurring the seemingly insurmountable barriers.
Jakub Kubat, High School student
Holy Father was an authority and a teacher for many people. He treated all equally, could forgive even those, who hurt him. He has not considered anyone as a worse or better. He loved and respected everyone. He has taught us, how to open our hearts and not be afraid of holiness. Pope John Paul II was a man just like us, however his beautiful, full of love heart could unite millions of people different belief and nationality. He is a true inspiration.
Adam Wojtkowski, Junior High School student

In case to deepen in history of life and teaching of st. John Paul II we encourage to read exhaustive biography placed on a website Centrum Jana Pawła II “Nie lękajcie się” or to download his biography and calendar of his life developed by father Dariusz Kowalczyk, a President of Board of Directors of “Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia” Foundation.