The activity of Foundation may be supported in many various ways. The most important to us is the support coming out of prayers, which are given to Foundation by sympathetic people from all around the world.

Every year, our organization purchases 8 mln zloty to scholarships for talented teenagers from indigent families. We wouldn’t be able to collect this sum if not our open-hearted Donors, who supports us financially. We are sincerely thankful for your help and support in building “alive monument” of st. John Paul II.


“Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia” Foundation

Skwer Ks. Kard. Stefana Wyszyńskiego 6

01-015 Warszawa

Bank account: 75 1240 2034 1111 0000 0306 8582

IBAN: PL 75 1240 2034 1111 0000 0306 8582

Bank PEKAO S.A. XIII O/Warszawa



Become regular donor

Our pupils require constant support! Every donated regularly sum gives us an opportunity to make an action and help them. Thanks to our regular donors we can consequently help as well as act constantly – that way we secure our exhibitioners and their future, give them sense of security, that nothing we will accompany them with their educatory fights and nothing is going to change that for a long time. Regular payments give us ability to better plan our expenses and actions.

How to regularly support our organization?

We may be helped by permanent, for example monthly donates. The only thing that has to be done is setting up in the bank a standing order with particular amount of money that you wish to be transfer into Foundation’s bank account. Declared sum can be any amount.

Friends and Patrons of Foundation

A very special way of express our gratefulness towards Donors of Foundation is established by Board of Directors of “Dzieło” an honorary title of “a Friend of a Foundation”. Persons distinguished this honor receive certificated badge and diploma as well as they have an opportunity to be mailed monthly newsletter, presenting the newest information from Foundation’s life and its scholars.

Following the regulations, a donor of Fundacja may become any physic person or person in law as well as institution which will donate for Fundacja’s good a donation by transferring money onto Fundacja’s bank account.

Physic person, who made a donation once or few times in a year time for amount of money 3,000 złotych, receives an honorary title of “Friend of Fundacja”.

A donor who made a transfer for the amount of money which is 6,000  złotych or few transfers during the year for the amount of money 6,000 złotych, is being called as a “Brown Patron”.

If there has been a one donation for the amount of money more than 50, 100 or 500,000 złotych, then a Donor is being called following: Silver, Golden and Diamond Patron.

An institution which in a year time will donate Fundacja’s account with the amount of money which is more than 5,000 złotych, receives an honorary title of Institution Friendly to Fundacja.