Every year on Sunday before Karol Wojtyła had been chosen for Capital of Peter, across Poland and in other countries there is celebrated Papal Day, during which we connect in prayers with current Pope and we go deeply into st. John Paul II’s teaching.

Poles gather then at liturgies, celebrations, prayer vigils, meditations and conferences devoted to the teaching of the Holy Father. A week earlier in all parishes, there is being read a Pastoral Letter of the Polish Episcopal Conference, preparing for the event. Pope’s Day each year has different motto, which points out significant area of papal teaching. This motto is a theme of all, prayer, liturgical and artistic events. During the Papal Day, there are many competitions, exhibitions, plays, poetry, sports, cultural, artistic events like gala concert in Warsaw broadcasted by TVP1 and TVP Polonia.

A Charity Aspect of this day is by-the-church and public fund raising for scholarships for talented students coming from poor families. Pupils of Foundation are being called an “alive monument” of st. John Paul II, and a support of them is gratefulness of Poles towards the Great Compatriot.

Preparations of the celebration is a massive organizational challenge, in which are engaged thousands of volunteers like scouts, ministrants, actors, reporters, singers and exhibitioners.

Foundation is being supported in organizing this big event by Ogólnopolski Komitet Organizacyjny Dnia Papieskiego, which consist of representatives of associations, chantries and priesthoods from all around Poland.

John Paul II gathers Poles from all around the world. Into organization of Papal Day are getting involved compatriots living outside the Poland. They support “Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia” in spiritual and financial way. Poles living in the United Kingdom, Spain, USA, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Argentina, Australia or France meet together at the Eucharist and common prayer, organize conferences, exhibitions and concerts to cherish the memory of the one of the greatest Poles.


Intellectual aspect
In all Poland there are organized educational seminars and discussion panels, which main subject is teaching of st. John Paul II. Their aim is to make better available teaching of Holy Father and deepen knowledge of his pontificate.

Spiritual Aspect
Papal Day is a day when you spiritually connect with current Holy Father and pray in his intention. In all parishes around the Poland on Sunday before Papal Day there is a letter from Polish Episcopal Conference being read. There are holy masses in intention of the Pope, during which there are announced homilies and catechesis sacred to teaching of the st. John Paul II. In many parishes there take place devotions and night vigils connected with meditation on Papal texts.

Artistic Aspect
On the Eve of Papal Day in Royal Castle in Warsaw “Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia” gives away one of the most prestigious prizes in Catholic Church – TOTUS prize. During the Papal Day there take place many others big artistic events, which are either local or national. At the very end of the day there is a Papal Concert, which in previous years took place at Plac Zamkowy in Warsaw. However, nowadays place changes each year. In Papal Day take part not only citizens of Poland but as well polish parishes abroad and Polish Diaspora’s living in for example Australia, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, UK or Kazakhstan.

Charity Aspect
The answer for Holy Father’s calling to solidarity with poor is organized that day public fund raising, in which each year take part around 100,000 volunteers: ministrants, scouts, teenagers and adults from different backgrounds, who are part OF National Committee of Organization Papal Day. Raised funds are used to create scholarships for Foundation’s pupils, who comes from different villages across the Poland and small towns.

In that way everyone can take part in building “live monument” of st. John Paul II, exhibitioners of “Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia” Foundation.

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