A film about the holiness of John Paul II

They share a passion for Carmelite spirituality. All three of them wanted to be Barefoot Carmelites – only one managed. All three are named John.

Maybe the three of them will also be connected by the priesthood soon. A scholar clerical student Teodor (named John on his Confirmation) made a film about the holiness of John Paul II with alumni from Wroclaw MWSD in the light of the teaching of the spiritual master of the Pope – St. John of the Cross. The biggest advantage of the film, made with a simple technique, is its message, that is on the one hand difficult and it demands focus, but on the other it is very enriching. Thanks to the film we learn why only faith, hope and love can bring a man to holiness, and why some attachments are very dangerous. The film also shows how God, who is brilliant in “recycling”, uses our weaknesses, sins, the inevitable suffering, lack of health, failures, accidents and the suffering inflicted to us by others, to bless us. Moreover, it shows us how to overcome evil with its own weapon which is suffering. Watching the film we can also find out why does the prayer rarely go our way and what should be done then. The film can be seen here.

tr. Paulina Ołownia