Łukasz Hinc

Those who know him say that he is incredibly positive person with a great heart. Łukasz is fourth year student of chemical technology course at  Gdańsk University of Technology and a volunteer of ‘Trzeba marzyć’ Foundation in which he’s involved with all his heart and dedicates to it a lot of his free time. He’s keen on sport. He would be happy, if he had opportunity to tour exotic and culturally different places on Earth. He’s been part of scholars community of ‘Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia’ from 2011.

I joined the Foundation before high school. I’ve heard about it from my colleague who at present is a chief of Bydgoszcz society. It was a new chapter in my life.

Thanks to the Foundation I can study, develop my passions and meet people, which is the most important. During summer camps I was able to meet wonderful, valuable people. I met scholars from all corners of country, many of them became my friends. We keep up with each other in spite of distance that separates us. Connections like that broaden perspective of looking at the world, they are also very helpful in daily life. Scholars society is like one big family.

The Foundation helped me with starting grown-up and independent life. Thanks to support of donors I can realize my ambitions, plans and dreams. I also want others to realize their and that’s why I’m a volunteer of ‘Trzeba marzyć’ Foundation functioning on Pomorskie voivodeship’s ground. It’s an organization which aim is to make seriously ill children’s dreams come true. Their parents -because of health insurance of their kids or financial problems – are not able to make it on their own. My task is to meet with ill children, ask them about their dreams and help with realizing it.  In spring of 2016 I met kid with cancer – Oliwier, a big fan of Real Madryt. The boy has always wanted to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, but his health insurance hasn’t been allowing him to fly to Spain, so it was thought that this dream is hardly possible to come true. The hope appeared when in autumn of 2016 Legia Warszawa got to Champions League with Oliwier’s favourite team. When it was certain that Cristiano Ronaldo will arrive to Poland, we did our best to arrange meeting. We made it – the 1st of November we went to Warsaw. In hotel, in which footballers stopped, Oliwier met not only Ronaldo but also the entire Real Madryt team. Boy’s joy was indescribable.

I’m trying to help others to make their dreams come true, because I want to share with good, which I receive. Children’s smile is the best evidence that it’s worth an effort.