Every Step Should Lead to Success -A Meeting with Torbicka

On the Mothers Day, May 26, Grażyna Torbicka- the icon of Polish TV came to the meeting of the Warsaw Community of the Foundation. For those who dream about journalistic career it was a huge thing. Also for those who study different faculties and who know Grażyna from TV, that day had a great impact.

This time it was one of us (Daniel Kociołek) who interviewied Grażyna Torbicka and not vice versa. Grażyna Torbicka told us thanks to him a lot of anecdotes from her job and also she gave nice and clever tips for those who would like to follow her in their career path.

Asked – what happens when misfortunes are standing in her way – surprisingly, Torbicka said that there are no misfortunes and that every bad thing she tries to change into success.

tr. Lidia Zdzitowiecka