The third edition of The Urban Game took  place on 7th June in Katowice.  This year’s motto of the game was: ‘Saint John Paul II- Our Guide’.

The game began on 10a.m., when most of the participants were already present. This time a new category- families- was added, what means that parents and their children could contest together. This led to the increase in the number of entrants in comparison to the last year- there were 350 participants, divided into 58 teams (primary school children: classes 1-3 and 4-6, junior high school students and families).

The Game began with music and fun, what enabled the participants to integrate and get ready for the competition.  Afterwards, everybody said a prayer together and the teams gradually started to move on for the Game. This year there were three routes prepared, each of them was appropriate for the age and predispositions of the participants of specific categories.
The route prepared for the children from 1-3 classes of primary school was the shortest one. The higher the age of the category, the longer was the route to get through. Junior high school students and families have one common route. Apart from the length, the tracks differed in tasks that the teams had to do. While dealing with them, not only were the participants using wide range of knowledge, but also some practical skills and logical thinking. Special attractions on the routes included lots of bonus tasks, allowing to gain some extra points for the team.

Every team was bravely fighting for both the win and fantastic prizes. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to gain as many points as possible and get through the route in the shortest possible time. Each of the participants was guaranteed a diploma and a candle with the image of John Paul II. When it comes to the winners, they were gifted statuettes with John Paul’s II bust, medals but also books, sport accessories, the picture of John Paul II and lanterns with the Spark of Divine Mercy. We are grateful for all of the prizes to the sponsors. Special thanks go to the ‘Gość Niedzielny’.

Before the announcement of the results of The Urban Game, there was still a lot of time to have fun or to eat a delicious Polish soup made from fermented rye flour.

After the meal, the results could finally be made public. They looked as follows:

Primary school children, classes 1-3:

1st place- Przyjaciele Team

2nd place- Tropiciele Team

3rd place- Ogniki Team

Primary school children, classes 4-6:

1st place- Lolek Leszczyny Team

2nd place- Naśladowcy Team

3rd place- Majówki Team

Junior high school students:

1st place- Totus Tuus Team

2nd place- Muszkieterki Papieża Team

3rd place- Bielszowiczanie Team


1st place- Arka Szarego Team

2nd place- Drużyna Siedmiu Aniołów Team

3rd place- Rowerowe Dziewczyny Team

As it can be seen, in comparison to the previous years, the popularity of the Urban Game is constantly growing. However, the most important is the possibility to be together and celebrate another anniversary of John Paul’s II birth. We are really satisfied with our actions, since we all believe that the Game is one of the best ways to get some knowledge of John Paul II across the younger generations and help them understand why is it good to follow him in everyday life.

The photo gallery of the event is available on Facebook.


tr Karolina Rudzka