Przemysl of John Paul 2

-Have you been on that meeting too?- that is the question which an elderly lady asked me while travelling by train from Przemyśl to Cracow. I confirmed and told her about my 700 mates from the Dzielo Nowego Tysiąclecia Foundation. –We cannot say much good of today’s youth, but you surprised me positively.- she added. 

My fellow traveler, like the other townspeople from Przemyśl, had an opportunity to meet the students from our foundation during the camp that lasted from 9th to 14th July.Above all, the camp enables the student to rest, but the program includes something both for the soul and the body. For Jola, a math student from AGH, the most significant element in the whole gathering was the spiritual dimension- visiting the Greek Catholic Church, Pacławska Calvary and the concentration day.

On the other hand, Justyna- an economics student- regards the people on the camp as the best attraction. The people who are open, caring and together create a unique atmosphere that helps in forming the unity of all the souls, connected in the living monument of Saint John Paul II.

Karolina, a longstanding fellow, appreciates the fact that during the camp she could slow down, stop for a while and come to some important reflections. Besides it is one the very few moments when the fellows from the whole Poland can meet.

Kasia notices that people see the good in the fellows and they know the foundation. She is glad because of the warm welcoming in Przemyśl. –People were accosting us on the street, asking for many different things, they were constantly smiling. She was charmed by the President of the city, who wore the yellow t-shirt on the final concert.

Finally, it is worth adding that the choice of Przemyśl was a perfect one and, what is very interesting, 90% of students have never been there before.

Such meetings let us integrate and relax. After these few days it will be much easier to start a new academic year. But now we can still celebrate our summer holiday.