We know TOTUS 2016 Award laureates!

October 8th, at Pope’s Day eve, during ceremonial gala in King’s Castle, not for the first time ‘catholic’s nobles’ were handed. This prestige awards are given from the foundation to honor institutions, which activity has contributed in prominent way to popularization of human’s dignity according to  John Paul’s II teaching.

TOTUS 2016 Award in particular categories received:

In category ‘Promotion of humanity, charity and educative work’ award was given to Dębickie Hospicjum Domowe Society named of John Paul’s II. It completely bases on volunteers work. Hospice has been in operation for 10 years at Parish of God’s Mercy in Dębica. It was honored due to involvement in behalf of perennially ill patients and their families, but also for response to John Paul’s II call to boost ‘mercy imagination’. The Hospice concentrates round itself people witch good will hailing from societies, in which exist spiritual formations characterized with Christians values. This volunteers are ready to serve among suffering people – they want to make the last period of this ill persons’ life eminent and to aid their families – also during the time of bereavement.

Nom in this category was Society in behalf of Disabled SPES also.

Laureate in category ‘Achievements in Christian culture’ became Jan Budziaszek – a musician, an artist from years working actively in mass culture, popular and jazz music. Rewarded for evangelic dimension of  artistic activities, especially for ‘One Heart’s One Spirit’s’ concerts initiative, which has taken place since 2003. Jan Budziaszek participated in many music festivals. He recorded 30 discs, furthermore he created many hours of music for theater and television. He is secular preacher and author of books,  including inter alia: ‘Drummer’s Diary – Discovery of America’, ‘King’s Cross Way’, ‘Jan Budziaszek i Jacek Zieliński – ‘Great Polish Men’s Prayer for Fatherland’, and many books uttered on cassettes, inter alia ‘Jan Budziaszek invites to chaplet’, ‘For the heaven we head’, ‘Medjugor’s chaplet’, ‘King’s Cross Way’. Jan Budziaszek was also ‘One Heart’s One Spirit’s’ concert’s progenitor, which yearly go on at evenings at Corpus Christi’s Day in Sybiraks’ Park in Rzeszów.

Nom in this category was Fr. Stefan Wysocki.

In category ‘Promotion of  Saint Father John Paul’s II teaching’ award received Sister Prof. Zofia Zdybicka from Urszulanki  Sisters’ Assembly of Dying Jesus Heart – a philosopher, an educator, a religion theoretic,  a perennial academic lecturer, a professor at Catholic’s University in Lublin of John Paul II. Awarded for accomplishments in philosophy and involvement in scientific life organization, especially for a attestation given about Saint John Paul’s II life and teaching. She has been arranging many science meetings, including World Congress of Christian Philosophy in Lublin pertinent ‘Freedom in modern culture’ (20-25 VIII 1996), which attracted over 300 scholars from 30 countries. She was a guest and a prelector of many international science congresses worldwide. She belongs to plenty of scientific societies, inter alia Polish Philosophy Society, American Bibliographical Institut. She participated in works of ‘Prymasowska Rada Społeczna’ (1986-1990) and Polish Bishop’s Commission pertinent Culture, pertinent Catholics Education.

Nom in this category was Christiani Foundation and ‘Santo Subito’ Society.

Honored in category ‘TOTUS for commemoration of bishop Jan Chrapek and his role into showing the person of John Paul II and his teaching in media’ was redaction of weekly ‘We come’ – operative from 10 years, published by warsaw-praga diocese. Rewarded for creation of modern opinion weekly, promoting world full of values preached by John Paul II. Weekly ‘We come’ has been emerging since 2006. The name of the magazine harts back to the title of pope’s John Paul II book ‘Stand up, let’s go!’.  Thoughtfully ‘We come’  is an opinion-forming weekly edited by people, to whom ‘the world of values taught by Polish Pope. The foundation doesn’t hide that ‘We come’ is created by religious men, to whom world of John Paul’s II values isn’t just close, but very dear too. The strength of ‘We come’ is also multiplicity of great names, because the best journalists in Poland – including  Dorota Gawryluk, Krzysztof Ziemiec  and also one’s who work on a daily basis in other significant medias  -identify and cooperate with the weekly.

Nom in this category were: ‘The living word to Polish men’, creators of TV series ‘Father Mateusz’, monthly ‘On way’.

This year, for the third time in history, chapter handed a ‘special TOTUS’ award to Ernest Bryll – a poet, an author of lyrics, a journalist, a translator and movie reviewer, also a diplomat – for prominent achievements. Bryll was rewarded many times with The Order of The Rebirth of Polish. In 2015 he received special distinction in category ‘Achievements in Christian culture’. He is a boss of a some film teams, a literary manager of many theaters including Theater of Television, an author of about 40 books of poems.

Exceptionally awarded with ‘Occasional TOTUS 2016’ was also Caring – Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children and Youth in Jadowniki Mokre.

Gala was graced by wonderful artists : Anna Andrzejewska, Krzysztof Antkowiak, Natalia Szroeder and Krzysztof Majda.