13th Papal Day – October 13, 2013 ‘John Paul II...

This year’s 13th Papal Day „The Pope of Dialogue ”by the decision of Polish Episcopal Conference we celebrate on October 13.

‘Delving into the papal teaching in this field in connection with Pope Francis in the mood of praying and profound reflection can bring us improvment  of the ability of creative meeting of he people of different views and religions. Of the people who are deeply religious and sincerely look for God. The change of the way of disputing in public and individually is a task of great importance. A discussion and a dispute which are sometimes indispensable do not fill the gap between people and do not make them understanding for each other on the basis of respect and  good will to found out the truth about each other, the sense of life or God – the Final Truth’– sais  Fr Dariusz Kowalczyk in his interpretation of the title of 13th Papal Day.

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