Foundation Graduates by the Solina River

‘You’ve just faced the wall, you have to make a choice: what kind od foundation do you choose to build your life?’ – those were the words Bishop Jan Niemiec Said to 2016 high school graduates – follows of ‘Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia’ Foundation. They gathered in Myszkowce by the Solina River were surrounded by amazing nature they experienced their foundation camp.

This camp is the one to prepare that youth in a spiritual and factual way for starting a New episode in their educational process. October means and them living their fauilies and Town and cities and going to their dreamed univercity , starting a new life.

The camp wa organised in a spirituals was, the graduates were to experience a change but also have fun and integrate with each other. It was a time to make friends, do sports and party. Teenagers were to organise a festiwal for children and Pope John Paul II Day chich really brought them together. The most import ant event was liking in the mountains chich was challenging and refreshing the spiritus.

Before students to be are welcomed in their Alma Mater they got to spęd a few days in a friendly atmosphere in a place that is closer to God. Shall this stay make it easier for them to choose their life path. Shall they start their adult life with God in their hearts.