Papal Day in Wales

Papal Day already for many years unites Poles, not only those living in Poland, but also abroad. The organization ‘Polish meeting in Wales’ shared with us a relationship with prepared by its celebration of this holiday in the Welsh Cardiff.

“We are a young organization, the idea came up in our heads exactly a year ago, when we met in our house, to the common singing carols, the sounds of guitar, live Christmas evening. Even then we did notice that there is a need to meet with fellow countrymen, especially our room barely accommodated all the guests. We decided to expand our business and already on May 3 organized the first event in the series “Polish meeting in Wales.” Then we gathered up about 40 people, including several Welsh. During the day we decided to do something good for others collected funds to support the Foundation “Frontiers in Need. Poles Poles.” The next meeting, also of patriotic, organized on August 1 2015. And this time, we supported a different purpose, the local Catholic school. Participants were then about 70. At the time when the decision was made about the organization of the Pope, naturalness was the collection of the Foundation “Work of the New Millennium”.

All materials received directly from foundation and our sponsor ‘Polish Delicatessen Ania’ prepared a wonderful cake with the image of John Paul II and the mass of delicious cream cakes. Premises lent us a local Catholic parish of St. Helena in Caerphilly. Thanks to this support, our participants were able for a while to feel like in Poland. At the same time also on the tables we had delicious products developed by ourselves, and they were among pea soup, salad and apple pie. The meeting was an opportunity to make new friends, common conversations over coffee and to show our children the figure of St. Pope John Paul II. We printed the short animated film about the life of young Karol Wojtyla and conducted a raffle with prizes. Each won a gift package foundational.

The collected funds devoted to helping the Foundation Work of the New Millennium. The meeting brought were flowers in the colors of our national flag. White flowers and red decided to submit on 11 November on the graves of Polish soldiers resting in the cemetery in Cardiff.

We hope that the Papal Day will visit our calendar for a long time and that next year we also organize such events.

Katarzyna & Paweł Zawitowscy
“Polish meetings in Wales”

We thank the organization “Polish meeting in Wales” for supporting our scholarship fund. We assure you of my remembrance in prayer for our compatriots residing abroad.