Report from the Concord College

1936 kilometers, 876-minute conversations, 46 pages of documents and thousands of concern. That was between me and the start of a new adventure, studying on a scholarship at a private boarding school in the UK.

Exactly 55 days ago, with homemade sandwiches in a backpack, a dictionary Polish-English under the arm and a pile of suitcases, I set out to Concord College, where I will spend the next two years of my life.

A few months ago the way to another city for the foundation camp seemed to be a great trip, and favorite TV series the only thing to which I needed the English language.

Today, looking through the window of my room, I think about how much has changed. My local friends come from Indonesia, Botswana, Kyrgyzstan or Brazil. After school, I go to Ballet and archery, and to participate in Sunday mass, I’m taking special bus to the nearby pretty town.
However, for each of us, change is something else. Always dreaming about learning to play an instrument? Do you want to join a football club or you think that you would feel great on the medicine, but everyone say that you have no chance? Just try to make a difference! Telling you a very short excerpt from my story, I would like to only show that it’s worth it. Sometimes you may not get what you planned previously, but this way is more important than the goal. And sometimes you can land somewhere far away in England and escape from the rain, you share your story with the next generation of grantees, who grow up together with you.

Please remember! We all start at the same time, in my small Ostrzeszew or your small towns. Don’t be afraid of this. Now everything is up to us and this how much we will try. So, to complete my story, smile and go!

For those interested: full two-year scholarship at a private British boarding school you can get through Association British Alumni Society (Facebook: Scholarships British Alumni Society). People from FDNT very welcome! And no, your school in a small town is not an obstacle.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk to someone, you know how to find my email! (FB or email home). Just remember, for me it’s one hour earlier:)