Scholars from Gdansk in Lednica

On June 1 2013 by the Lednickie Lake took place 17th National Youth Meeting Lednica 2000.

It gathered more than 80 thousand people including 2 thousand priests who together deliberated on the title of the meeting “In the name of the Father”. Organizators with Fr. Jan Góra wanted to show the importance of the fact that the first of all: God is a father, then thet everyone has a Father in him, and last but not least – that in the future we will all be fathers and mothers. Those three levels mean awarness of God and mankind. At the meeting the president of Poland was present. But what is important, our scholars from whole Poland were visible. Also we – the scholars from Gdańsk, Puck, Żukowo, Bolszewo, Bojano and Gościcino – the parishes from the North of Poland. We had an opportunity to participate in a mass, adoration of Jesus, but also in singing and praying together. Traditionally, we had also an opportunity to walk through the gate in shape of the fish – symbol of Jesus Christ. We want to say that it was a great celebration for all of us.

We could feel a spirit in young people and pray – seeing that a lot of people believe in God, just like us.

 tr :L. Zdzitowiecka