“They try to understand me from the outside. But I...

The words of John Paul II were directed to us by s. Maristella Franciscan Sister , when we are sitting with her over tea on Sunday afternoon. The day before – on June 8, a group of scholars that study in Warsaw, went to Laski a village where facility for blind people is led by the sisters.


We spend here a day listening to sister’s stories about the facility, watching a movie October Baby – and finally – meeting some of the young people that live here. We found out that the people here are amazing. Their intelligence, spirit and attitude give us a new optimism and happiness. We can see that for those people, everything is possible and they are exactly the same as we are. In the evening we went to a church that belong to the monastery. John Paul II has visited this place many times. This trip was not only very special – because we learnt a lot, but it was only a very nicely spent free time. After saying goodbye to our new friends and s. Maristella with the atmosphere of melancholy we went back to Warsaw full of new trust and optimism. But soon, we will be back here.

tr. L.Zdzitowiecka