Katarzyna Rudzka

Kasia – to the Foundation went through details from friendly priest. There she understood, that education is the way to change herself and the whole community. As she tells – being a scholar is a huge lesson of mercy and responsibility for her. The Foundation gave her the courage to seek other, so today she belongs to community of evangelization and youth community at hers congregation. Passion for learning, which is also developing thanks to the Foundations’ support – was stimulus to founding a school discussion club of behavioral economics, which she also leads. For her the most beautiful thing in other scholars is humility, that they are endowed.


Beata Tkaczyk

Beata says about Fundacja, that thanks to it, she found a courage to dream. Thanks to this courage, she has managed to, after years of spiritual formation in Fundacja’s association, despite all difficulties, together with friends, she realized her dreamt project. This is how the very first kindergarten point “LOLEK”, which is staffed by Association of Alumni of Dzieło in the spirit of teaching of John Paul II, has been created.


Adam Kopacki

Adam Kopacki – a student of international relations at the University of Warsaw. He got into the Charity in his second year of middle school. Adam comes from a small town in the province of Łódź but in high school he moved to Warsaw to learn and develop his skills there. He says that in the Charity he got the chance to grow as a person and deepen his relationship with God. However the most valuable for him are the friendships he made during his time as a scholar. As well as being a volunteer, he is also involved in non-governmental organizations and scientific circles.