Łukasz Hinc

Those who know him say that he is incredibly positive person with a great heart. Łukasz is fourth year student of chemical technology course at Gdańsk University of Technology and a volunteer of ‘Trzeba marzyć’ Foundation in which he’s involved with all his heart and dedicates to it a lot of his free time. He’s keen on sport. He would be happy, if he had opportunity to tour exotic and culturally different places on Earth. He’s been part of scholars community of ‘Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia’ from 2011.


Mateusz Waszczuk

Mateusz Waszczuk – he has been our scholar for eight years. The Foundation gave him motivation to become better and better as a student and incentive for social volunteering . As he admits himself – this is where he became brave and ready to talk to other people about God. Corporate prayer, fun and work in Warsaw Academic Community – which he had been a chairman for 2 years of – taught him how to be truly responsible and shaped his character with Christian values. Today, he’s trying to share with others all the things he has learnt as a scholar – e.g. by his investment in the annual project of “Szlachetna Paczka” (“The Noble Package”; a voluntary action consisting in supporting the poorest by sending them food, cleaning, clothes, toys and school supplies for children etc. These people are given these things, especially in Christmas period, and collect money themselves to make as many packages as possible).


Robert Nowicki

Robert – he got to know the Foundation firstly as a Cub, then as a Scout by joining in to an annual fundraising during the Pope’s Day. Afterwards, thanks to the help he received from his teachers, he became a member of Foundation.
Foundation helped him to develop his greatest passion to astronomy and therefore start this amazing journey with astrography, which he has continued during an internship at CERN. While being a member of FDNT he got involved into volunteering at “DAM siebie” Foundation, Scout Rescue Club PCK and SzlachetnaPaczka. Moreover, a membership in FDNT let him find friends who just like him, are always ready to sacrifice themselves to help others. It gave him motivation and a belief that he holds the power to change his immediate area.