The apotheosis of strength – it is good to be...

The end of academic year comes with warm summer evenings and hot days. Thoughts of most students gently flow to the visions of rest and travels. But there is a group of young enthusiasts, for whom hard work is not frightening at all. Under supervisions of Agnieszka Patralska, the Papal Day manager, they already work to achieve the success of the most important Foundation’s event of the year.

Who exactly is the Packer and what does he do in Warsaw from 1st to 7th July? In the morning – he is packing things. In the afternoon he keeps packing, and in the evening there is finally time for… some more packing. His main task is to pack up all the materials for promotion of the XVI Papal Day, which will be later send to parishes and schools in Poland and abroad.

The Packer draws his strength from prayers. His every day begins with the Holy Mass, and at the dusk he thanks for all the graces during the evening prayer to Saint Mary.

Hard work for the greater good makes the Packer feel happy and satisfied, but so does resting and having fun with friends. In the first days of July he will visit the most interesting places in the Capital of Poland: the Warsaw Uprising Museum and Copernicus Science Centre. He will broaden his horizons by listening to Chopin’s concert at the Royal Łazienki, and after that he will learn how to find the way out in the Escape Room.

The Packer is not an ordinary scholarship holder. Each of them leaves Warsaw with a feeling of fulfillment and pure joy. Each of them contributes to the organization of very important event – the Papal Day. It sounds proud to be a Packer!

The Foundation organizes the packing camps since 2007. It used to be aimed at younger scholarship holders, however for the past four years the participants have onlybeen the students. It is a form of their voluntary service for the Foundation and contribution to the Papal Day.