The Summer Camp in Olsztyn

The summer camp in Olsztyn is over but the memories, friendships and new experiences will last long after that. Here are some of the intervies led by Patryk Bedliński with our fellow scholars who have participated in the camp.

Anna Maciocha – Student of 2nd grade at high school. A scholar of the foundation since January 2012. In the future she would like to study in Warsaw.

Patryk Belinski: Have you ever been in Olsztyn?

Anna Maciocha: No.  It is my first time here. I’m glad that i can be here, though. The city is green and clean. Thanks to this camp I’m sure I’ll come back here. I just really want to.

PB: Have you had any expectations before you got here?

AM: Before, I didn’t  know anything about this city. Maybe just that it is surrounded by lakes.

PB: We’re in the middle of the camp. What kind of attractions were significant for you?

AM: We have been to the University of Warmia and Mazury where we were able to listen to lectures and see the presentation of the university. We have been to Frombork too. We could see two great museums and a beautiful gothic cathedral.

PB: You have just mentioned the school. Do you have any things to think about now, while you have seen ehat this city can offer?

AM: I’m interested in economics, so i paid a lot of attention to this field and faculty. Also marketing and administration was a very interesting faculty. I’m still thinking about it.